RA & Fans:  The Crucible @ The Old Vic - Stage Door Polaroids

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Richard Armitage: THE CRUCIBLE Final. x
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This is what you were born to do; what you have prepared for, lived for, dreamed of; what will be remembered as a watershed moment in your career.  We are behind you 100% and can’t wait for you to awe the Old Vic audiences with your enormous talent.  Break a leg, Richard Armitage. 

The weeks seem to have flown by since we prepared for you to play the role of your career in this fantastic production.  Thank you for the awe-inspiring performances that have changed so many peoples’ worlds forever - including, as you have said, your own.  Break a leg, Richard Armitage, on this, your final night as John Proctor at the Old Vic.

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The Old VIc’s Storify of yesterday’s “In Conversation With RA

Don’t forget about the live twitter Q&A on September 12 #AskArmitage :)

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'The Crucible' or 'Czarownice z Salem'😉 Richard A. let's see ya. #FinallyADayOff (at The Old Vic Theatre)

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Richard Armitage | John Proctor ~ The Crucible.

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Met Thorin freakin’ Oakenshield. Be still my heart. Had a disappointing Monday night due to the cancellation of The Crucible due to a technical fault. But after getting up early Tuesday morning and standing at the theatre box office for a couple of hours, meeting some amazing people who had had the same disappointment as me the previous night, me and my best friend were able to get a ticket for the Tuesday night performance. It blew me away. Richard was breathtaking. The show was perfect in itself. What a brilliant cast. The bonus of getting to meet him was amazing. Definitely worth it. ♡

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So yesterday was a pretty amazing day for me! After a gutting Monday night of arriving to be told our show of the Crucible was cancelled we feared our chances were lost at seeing this amazing show. However yesterday morning my best friend and i got two tickets together! (insert first excited photo) And when the show was over i got to tick of an item on my bucket list. I had the pleasure and honour of meeting one of my favourite actors who i have been a fan of since i was a little girl! Thank you Richard Armitage

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The Crucible Promo by Jay Brooks

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Richard Armitage for The Crucible by Jay Brooks [x]

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